dtControl: Decision Tree Learning Algorithms for Controller Representation (Python toolbox)

The dtControl provides the memory-efficient, compact, understandable representation and the efficient determinization for the formal symbolic controllers obtained from the state-of-the-art toolboxes SCOTS and UPPAL. It also provides a scheme to design non-uniform quantizers (i.e., state encoders with non-uniform partitioning of state-set) for symbolic controllers. The results are also useful for constructing efficient static coders minimizing bit rate over the sensor-controller channel.

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  1. User Manual
  2. P. Ashok, M. Jackermeier, P. Jagtap, J. Kretinsky, M. Weininger, M. Zamani (2020). dtControl: Decision tree learning algorithms for controller representation. 23rd International Conference on Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control (HSCC).
Pushpak Jagtap
Assistant Professor