QUEST: A Tool for State-Space Quantization-Free Synthesis of Symbolic Controllers (C++ toolbox)

QUEST is an open source software tool, developed in C++, for automated controller synthesis for incrementally input-to-state stable nonlinear control systems. The tool contains two major parts:

  1. Construction of symbolic abstraction: the tool uses state-space quantization-free approach for the construction of symbolic abstraction which can be potentially more beneficial for systems with high-dimensional state spaces.
  2. Symbolic controller synthesis: the synthesis of controller using fixed point computations, namely, maximal and maximal fixed points, thus natively supports safety and reachability specifications . The tool is intended to be used and extended by researches in the area of formal synthesis for complex systems.

Download QUEST

Get latest version of QUEST from github repository here

  1. P. Jagtap, M. Zamani (2017). QUEST: A tool for state-space quantization-free synthesis of symbolic controllers. 14th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10503.
Pushpak Jagtap
Assistant Professor